Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your Hygge Home this Spring

Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in and give you a little inspiration for keeping that cozy home feel past the winter months. The holidays are always a little cozier because of comforting foods, friendly (sometimes!) family gatherings, and holiday lights, but what after? I love fresh spring looks and find myself roaming stores mid-February in search of the first floral arrangements and wreaths of the season. But the best spring decor, at least in the homes of hygge, combines the newness of greenery and flowers with year-round staples. These are a couple of my favorite tricks to keeping home super cozy and season appropriate at the same time!

Plants, Plants Everywhere

The more plants, the merrier. Add plants to window seals, table tops, and bookshelves or to the hearth, wall, or mantle. Hang wreaths on doors, windows, and cabinets. I usually find myself buying a mix of flowers and green plants. In spring, it literally looks like I live in a green house.

In our old home, we had what I called "abandoned" rooms, spaces that we never used because of construction, lack of furniture, or creepiness (that's a whole other story!). And when it came time to sell our house, I walked with the realtor-provided decorator through the home and took notes as she told me where to move pieces of furniture, where to put plants, and so on. The biggest difference in how a room looked came from placing a single plant on a table! 5 seconds and done. I have always had plants in my home but never noticed the statement they provide until I had to decorate those unused rooms. Seeing our home so beautiful made it really hard to move!

Repurpose Christmas Lights

So there's no need to be the crazy neighbor with lighted deer and Santa's sleigh still out in March, but Christmas lights really do have a use after Christmas. I am a fan of white lights on white wire. They blend in really nicely with white or neutral walls and allow you to get that holiday glow year round. Or if you cannot fathom Christmas lights past December, try out string or fairy lights for the same effect!

In particular, I am a big fan of fairy lights. They are battery powered, which means that you do not need to have an outlet nearby and can use them in neat places, like vases, mason jars, and even fireplaces!

Move Candle Lanterns Outside

Candle lanterns MAKE a room around the holidays. There are small lanterns for table tops and large ones for the hearth and entryways. But once it's nice weather, move them outdoors. I tend to keep a few inside here and there but add most to my deck and covered front door area to spread the coziness of my hygge home outside.

Trade Blankets

The end of winter does not mean giving up comfort! Everyone likes a blanket to snuggle up in, even in the warm summer. Trade out the thick, faux-fur blankets for thinner ones...perhaps a cotton knit with light, soft keep your living room cozy.

I have a closet upstairs where I store away down comforters and super warm blankets so that they are not in the way in warmer months. I use the change of seasons as an excuse to rotate out blankets that I want to keep but grow tired of after a few months.

Complete a Project

And finally, spring is the season of rebirth, of invention, of starting anew. So find a little nook to create a different look. Add wall book shelves to a bare area, add shiplap to accent a wall, paint kitchen cabinets white, add wainscoting and hooks in the laundry you can tell, I am all about functional beauty. And do it in a place you see every day. It will bring you a piece of happiness and make home feel even more like your own.

Check out other tips for making your dream hygge home. Thanks so much for reading! Tell me about your favorite spring decor in the comments below!


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