Refresh Your Home for Spring with Hoop Wreaths

A new season is the perfect time to refresh your home. Maybe it's a new paint color, a couch slipcover, or a spring wreath, but small changes can truly make you enjoy your space much more. One of my favorite decorating trends is the hoop wreath, and I've been dying to share how to make these on the blog for some time. So today's the day! Make a quick trip to your favorite craft store or order through Hygge Bug, and let's make these fun wreaths together!

Difficulty Level: Easy peasy

Project Time: 10 minutes per wreath


Makes 2 large, 2 medium, and 2 small wreaths

1 10-inch wooden embroidery hoop

1 8-inch wooden embroidery hoop

1 6-inch wooden embroidery hoop

Link includes 9-inch hoop, but buying a set of hoops is a much better deal than buying separately

2 faux flower bouquets similar to these

Wire cutters



1. Each embroidery hoop contains an inner and an outer hoop. Separate the hoops, so that you have 2 large, 2 medium, and 2 small hoops.

2. Using wire cutters, cut ~4 flowers including stems/leaves for each of the large hoops.

3. Bend the stems of each flower to match the curvature of the hoop. This makes it much easier to attach.

4. Lay the flowers along the wreath. Once you are satisfied with how it looks, wrap twine around the flowers to hold in place.

Do the same for the other large hoop. Pretty, right? Okay, now for the small wreaths.

5. Choose ~3 flowers including stems/leaves for each of the small hoops. Attach onto the wreaths in the same way that you did for the large hoops.

And finally, the medium wreaths. Feel free to continue using flowers, but I wanted a little variety, so these are made of greenery.

6. Cut a 8-10-inch stem for each hoop, removing any flowers. Slide 4-5 leaves onto each stem, and bend to fit the curvature of the hoops. Attach with twine.

Hoop wreaths are perfect for the bare wall or area that could use a little filler. I surrounded a wall clock to create a gallery appearance and love it. I want to see your wreaths, so tag @hygge_bug on Instagram. Check out our other recent diy home decor projects, like these stamped books and this wooden bead garland. Thank you for reading the Hygge Bug blog!

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