Painting a Happier Home

You guys! Our downstairs is FINALLY done! Painting the off-white, stained walls has been on our list of things to do since before we moved in, and last week, I bit the bullet and finally painted our dining room, sun room, foyer, entrance hall, and living room walls and trim. And to celebrate, which is always necessary, I did a little new decorating and took the weekend off to enjoy time with family, snuggling inside during, hopefully, the last winter snowstorm. With everything I do around the house, I will try to include you on the journey. I love before and after pictures...they always inspire me when I see others'. Making a cozy home means changing it, needed or not, to reflect your style.

In our old house, I spent months thinking about and planning the color of our walls. We ended up painting the entire house in one fell swoop, only to realize, after the fact, that brown was not a paint color we liked. Our old walls soaked up the color too much, creating dark hallways and bedrooms, which was made worse by the dark brown carpet. It was like living in a rabbit hole! It honestly felt a little depressing, and I HAAAATED it. So when we moved into our new house, I had other plans for the wall color. I decided to go back to basics.

I find with home improvement projects that I am much happier if I just get started and get it all over with, rather than procrastinate. And unfortunately, I spent way too much time delaying this one. I stay at home with my kids, and every day, I sat and stared at the walls, thinking about how I needed to paint but not doing anything about it. Someone always needs a snack or their butt wiped or help finding their "favorite" toy that they didn't care about 5 minutes ago, and the idea of taking on a full week's worth of work with little ones overwhelmed me. Sometimes, you really have to just get so fed up with the way something looks before you take the plunge.

A picture before painting:

Our progress:

I find it easiest to do projects that I've scheduled, so I take notebook paper and jot out what I need to get done on each day, and then I stick to it, even if it means I'm up until two in the morning. I also start with low-hanging fruit, like moving furniture and taping areas off...I find it's easier to get started if the first things you do are not the most difficult.

I won't lie. Doing a big project while watching three kids under five is not easy, even if you stay at home. I probably got a gray hair and a few wrinkles in the process, having to make sure no one ate paint and that I cleaned paint footprints off the wood floors before they dried. But the thing is, once you're done, YOU'RE DONE, and you can cross it off that long list of things to do. It feels good and is worth it.

Tell me all about your DIY home improvement projects below! I love to hear what my readers are up to. Thanks for reading!

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