Make Your Own Wooden Bead Garland

Wooden bead garlands are everywhere right now! I was inspired to write this blog after seeing so many gracing the homes of Instagram. Their simplistic elegance adds the perfect touch to a tray or centerpiece display, and their timeless design allows them to fit in with any season. But they are super expensive!!! I had no idea until I searched for myself and saw close to $100 for this snag. So I set out to make my own and discovered that this is possible for a small fraction of the cost.

If you make this wooden bead garland, tag @hygge_bug on Instagram so I can see your amazing work! I love seeing the projects I inspire!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Project Time: 30 minutes


18 round wooden beads, 1 inch in diameter (or buy in bulk)


Small yarn needle


1. Create a tassel

Wrap twine 20 times around a 6 inch piece of cardboard or cardstock.

Cut twine, and remove loops off the cardboard or cardstock.

Tie a new piece of twine in a knot around the middle of the loops to create a bow. Leave ~24 inches of twine attached to the bow before cutting. The rest of the twine will hold your wooden beads.

Cut open the bottom of each loop and fold each side of the bow down to create a tassel.

Tie a new piece of twine about one inch from the top of the tassel, and wrap around the neck of the tassel 15 times.

Trim the ends of the tassel.

2. Bead the twine.

Thread a small yarn needle like the one I'm using. Without a needle, it gets really hard to get the beads on.

Thread all 18 beads.

3. Tie a loop

Use approximately the last 6 inches of twine to create a little loop at the end. A loop makes these great for hanging from handles and knobs. Cut off any excess twine. Done!

I am so amazed by how easy this is! And all for just half an hour of time and a few dollars. I have a super exciting home decor craft coming up next week, so stay tuned. I'll give you a need items starting with the letter 'B', which are formed into s_a_ks and marked with s____s. If you are the first person to leave a comment below with the correct answer between now and the post date (Friday, 4/5/19), you win free materials to make your very own! That's it for now, and thanks for reading!

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