Make Your Own ANTIQUES Sign

Do you ever walk through craft and home goods stores just to snap pictures of their home decor? I do it all the time...and then I go home and make my own version. It's usually less expensive and always more personalized than just buying something. It's my little obsession, and I'm always on the hunt for my next anything you can do, I can do better project!

Lately on Instagram and at every home decor shop, I have been seeing ANTIQUE signs like the one I snapped a picture of below. They retail for upwards of $50 and are just made of embossed metal. I have been craving a sign like the one below but wanted something that looked handmade and a little more intricate. So I set out to make my own version.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Project Time: 1-2 hours


Board (a wide piece of wood or paneling works great) - 9 in. x 6 ft.

Acrylic paint (white and black)

Wooden letters - 8 in. long. Available in-store at Walmart.

Paint brush

Elmer's School Glue or hot glue gun


Faux white lilies



1. Paint the sides and top of each letter black, and allow to dry.

2. I actually found some leftover paneling, probably from the 1970's, in my garage. How cool is that? So I had my husband cut a piece 9 in. x 6 ft. for my little project using a circular saw. When we do projects around the house, I leave the sawing to him...I'm not a fan! A few too many close calls last year while we were laying new flooring.

3. Paint the board white, and allow to dry. My paneling was beige to begin, and a layer of white paint brought out a nice off-white base.

4. Place letters onto the board before gluing to make sure that you have the correct spacing. Leave 2 inches or so from the top, and space the letters about 1 inch apart. Glue letters vertically onto the board.

5. Drill a hole ~1 inch from the top. This will be used to hang the board from the wall.

6. Tie two lilies together with twine, wrapping the twine around the stems a few times before tying off in a bow. Then glue it onto the board.