Home Is Where The Heart Is

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Lately, I have become a huge fan of painting inspirational and cozy phrases on pillows and wall art. They make the home feel so welcoming. And the best part is that it is fully customizable, so if you see something in a store you like or simply cannot find exactly what you want for sale, you can make it on your own! Home is where the heart is instantly makes me feel at home anywhere I happen to be. It does not matter how much a house cost or whether it has been remodeled…in fact, one of the coziest homes I have ever been in was one that had zero upgrades (appliances included) since at least the 1970's. What matters is that you are in a place that makes you feel welcome and like you belong, whether it’s close to family, in a town you have always loved, or maybe in a style of home you have always admired (one day I'll own that Victorian!). It truly is wherever you find peace and happiness.

Making your own sign is oh so easy. And the project time below includes drying time between painting the background and the words, so this little painting is actually pretty quick!

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Project Time: 2 hours


1 8x10 inch canvas

2 paint brushes (¾ inch wide and ¼ inch wide)

Cup of water (for brushes)

Glass of wine (for yourself!)

Paint palette (I always just use a garbage bag or aluminum foil because it's super easy cleanup)

Paper towel

Set of acrylic paints


What to Do:

Partially mix the white and brown paints (~90:10 ratio). Avoid fully mixing because you want to be able to see the mix of colors on the gives it a vintage wood look that you'll love!

With the short part of the canvas facing you, paint vertical strokes using the ¾ inch brush. Don’t forget to paint the sides! Wash off brush and set aside.

Once the canvas has been fully painted, use the ¼ inch brush to create the look of individual wood pieces by painting 2 vertical lines in dark brown, spacing fairly equally.

Allow canvas to fully dry. You can speed up the process by drying with a hairdryer.

In pencil, lightly sketch out HOME is where the (heart shape) IS.

Go back over with black paint, careful to avoid painting the vertical lines that separate the faux wood pieces.

Lastly, paint stems with leaves on the bottom and tops sides to fill out the painting a bit.