Burlap SPRING Sign

Despite Old Man Winter sticking around longer than welcome, I decided that it was time to give at least the inside of my house a spring makeover. Spring is my FAVORITE time of the year, and I cannot wait for real flowers, sunshine, and warm weather. This is the first spring that I have been able to decorate our new home. Last year, we had just moved in and were so overwhelmed with the house falling apart and having a third baby that I did not decorate at all for spring, Easter, birthdays, Fourth of July...anything. So this morning, when I awoke and knew I had a few hours to decorate while my husband watched the babies, I was like a kid in a candy factory!

I came up with the idea for a spring sign after using a similar, Etsy-bought decoration for my son's baptism. After the baptism, I stuffed it in my junk drawer and completely forgot about it until one of my toddlers emptied the drawer last week in search of crayons. So this derived sign idea was born, and I am pretty pleased. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Special Note:

This project literally makes a banner from scratch. If you want premade burlap strips, these are ready made and are perfect if you're looking to save time.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Project Time: 1 hour


5-inch wide burlap garland


Acrylic paint (white, yellow, brown, orange)

1/4-inch paint brush



Khaki or brown thread

Small crocheting hook

Special Equipment:

Sewing machine


1. Cut seven 13-inch strips of burlap garland.

2. Fold each strip in half. Keep folded for the rest of the project.

3. Find the non-folded end, cutting a triangle with the tip 1.5 inches up from the bottom.

4. Sew the two sides of the strip together, leaving 1/2-3/4 inch open at the top (the folded end) so that twine can be pulled through later.

5. You should have seven sewn strips. I like to slightly sketch out each letter first and then go back and fill it in. It's so much easier to fix if I mess up! So sketch out S-P-R-I-N-G, each letter on a separate strip, and go back and fill in. Each letter should be ~3 inches tall.

6. You will have one strip left. Paint a circle in brown. Add a few drops of orange to give the look of a sunflower center. Add thin yellow petals. Go back with orange, adding lines here and there following the direction of the petals. The orange breaks up the petals so that the yellow doesn't become one giant blob!

7. Tie a knot around a small crocheting hook. Pull through the opening of each strip, so that they fall onto the twine in order. Cut enough twine to wrap around your fireplace mantle. My fireplace mantle is 6 feet wide, so my twine was 12-13 feet.

Aren't these amazing! I spent less than $15 in materials, although I already have some basic crafting goods to start. You could never buy something this nice in a store for that. Let me know what you think about it below, and be sure to check out some of my other neat painting projects. Thanks for reading the Hygge Bug blog!

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