5 Tricks to Styling a Shelf

You guys! I will be honest. I struggle to style a shelf. It does not matter whether it's a sofa table, a bookshelf, or even the cabinet shelf in my kitchen. It's hard. But I feel like it gets a little easier the more you practice, and you start to come up with styling strategies along the way. So I've compiled my list of tips and tricks for styling the perfect shelf to share with you today!

1. Choose Items You Love

So there is nothing wrong with going to the store and buying all new things to style your shelf, but if you have meaningful items to throw in the mix, your shelves will feel a little cozier. Choose items that you love and use regularly (like your favorite books or candles) or that represent something you enjoy.

On these shelves, I have pieces that I get joy out of seeing every day. The 'Live Simply' sign truly represents my lifestyle and desire to keep things uncomplicated. If you love this sign too, they can be purchased from @ebenezer_market with 10% off using the code 'anita10'. Those red, wooden shoes belonged to me when I was little and were worn by my daughter when she was younger (this chippy paint is real!). The pots remind me of gardening, one of my favorite things to do. And those blue, vintage books were mine as a child, now read to my kids.

2. Adhere to the Rule of Three

To start, I decorate the top shelf. Items paired in threes are pleasing to the eye, so choose three pieces that coordinate, arrange them in a triangle, and viola...magic!

3. Keep the Balance

As you decorate, try to keep items of similar height on either side. Pay attention to where you place plants. I used flowers on the top left, so my next plant went onto the bottom right, just to balance the decorating out. Think of decorating as a scale, where height and decor type should not become too heavy on one side.

Want to learn how to make that bookstack? Check out my easy tutorial!

4. Add Some Greenery

Greenery is one of my favorite space fillers. Place small green plants in areas that seem a little bare or dull. Plants also provide great color and texture to a space, making it really pop!

5. Just Walk Away

And my last rule? Just walk away when it is good enough. You can always change it later. One of the biggest problems I tend to face is overthinking my choices. I find that I like my decorating best if I trust my initial gut decisions. But to be perfectly honest, this...

...changed into this in the course of one hour, after switching everything around five times. Rules are meant to be broken, right?