3 Amazing Valentine's Day Decor Make Overs

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

You guys! Check this out. Today, I am sharing how to completely make over your fireplace display for Valentine’s Day. It is easy enough for a beginner, yet looks like you hired a decorator to come into your home!

Whenever a holiday approaches, I become a busy bee, designing new decor and figuring out how to make it. I am a big believer in decorating from scratch whenever you can. When I think back to how that started, I remember my childhood fascination with the 1870's farmhouse across my neighborhood. I used to walk by to see the horses and always noticed the handmade holiday decorations that the owner, no doubt, put so much effort into making. I loved that the decor always fit the time period of the home. The decorations were made from plants and fruits from around the yard, whipped together into something beautiful. That stuck with me. And while I can't say that I made the paper or fabric for this project (perhaps a goal for next year!), these decorations are pretty close for someone without a ton of extra time on hand!

Okay, are you ready? Grab a cup of coffee, and let's get started! Oh, and if you learn better by watching, check out the video.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Project Time: 2-3 hours


You may not even need to go to the craft store!

Heart Pillows - fabric, stuffing

Party Hats - thick construction paper or cardstock, acrylic paints in red and white (optional), double-sided tape, Elmer's School Glue

Heart Garlands - construction paper or cardstock, twine

What to Do:

Heart Pillows

Choose a couple fabrics that you like. I had this fabric left over from prior and abandoned projects and kind of wanted it out of my crafting room. It does not need to be anything fact, I kind of get a kick out of taking ugly fabric that most people would throw away and making it into something beautiful.

Fold the fabric in half so that the print sides face inward. You will flip it the other way around after you sew together the edges.

Cut out a heart.

Sew the two sides together, leaving 4-5 inches open. There should be enough space so that you can turn the pillow inside out and fit your hand through for stuffing.

Stuff the pillow. I like to over stuff to make the pillow look nice and full.

Sew together the remaining edge, making sure to fold the edges inward as you sew. This will hide any fraying of edges and give a clean look to your heart pillow.

Party Hats

Cut semi-circles out of thick construction paper or cardstock. Don't you just love this plaid pattern? I used it on several of my garland hearts as well.

Fold the paper into a cone shape, and hold in place with double-sided tape (so much easier than trying to glue!!!). It literally takes two seconds to close up.

If you wish, paint the cone. I love the look of painted paper and wanted some blush pink thrown in the mix, so I used acrylic paints for the red and pink (~1:1 ratio of white and red) hearts.

Cut out hearts from material left over from your pillows, and glue them on with Elmer's School Glue. I like to overlap a little bit to give it character.

Heart Garlands

Cut 50 large and 40 small hearts from thick construction paper or cardstock. Big hearts are ~4 inches and small hearts ~2 inches tall.

I typed Valentine-themed messages on a bunch of the hearts. Some of my favorites were the messages normally found on candy hearts and then a few quotes from famous authors and poets. I did this by first printing the messages and then cutting hearts out around them.

Cut 5 pieces of twine, each about 4 feet long (a good length for hanging from fireplace mantle).

Glue the hearts onto the twine. Each piece of twine should have 5 large and 4 small double-sided hearts, with the twine being glued between the hearts to hide it.

These hearts have some weight! I found it easiest to hang from the mantle by looping twine around the entire mantle and then hanging each garland on. Finish your setting by putting out flowers, cupcakes, and candle lanterns, and viola, you have an amazing decorative space!!! Check out my woven heart baskets too for other Valentine's Day inspiration. Thanks for reading!

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