Hygge Time on a Cold Saturday Afternoon

It's a cold, snowy Saturday, and the family and I have been bundled up inside to avoid the ice cold weather. This time of year is something the little ones had to adjust to with our move up North. Back in Georgia, they could play outside all four seasons, but temperatures in the teens make staying inside necessary. So we all have adapted, learning to enjoy the indoors more. And today, we sit and watch movies, candles glowing, coffee brewing, wrapped in the warmest of blankets as the wind howls down our fireplace.

Hygge is so many things. It's the way a home is decorated, it's the food you eat, and it's the activities you participate in. And today, it's a little bit of everything. Even if the movie is not your favorite (I'll be honest, I've seen Paw Patrol too many times this week, but maybe next week will be different :), hygge is just enjoying the time anyway because of the laughs and extra snuggles.

While we're sitting here, I am busy crocheting. There is always something I am making while I watch movies and drink my coffee. Even though I am technically multitasking, crafting helps to make the experience more relaxing.

Well, I'm going to get back to it. Go put on your warm socks, grab your favorite coffee cup, and binge on a show you've been meaning to catch up on. It's Saturday!

How do you make life cozier during winter? Share in the comments below.

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