8 Tree Makeovers that Will Knock You Off Your Feet

I love trees. My husband does not…unless they are used for firewood. I am always trying to find a way to save the tree leaning over the house or the half-dead tree in the backyard. I’ve always thought that trees give a home charm similar to how Victorian woodwork brings life to a front porch or a grand piano instantly makes a room feel classy. And oh my goodness, they hold so much cozy potential. If you are looking for a way to create a whimsical yard, these ideas are awesome!

Tree Library

I recently came across an article about a woman who turned a dead tree into a free library, filling out the hollowed tree with a bookshelves, complete with lighting and a door. Truly a magical way to turn something old into something new!

Living Forrest

My mother-in-law used to attach eyes, noses, and mouths to trees in her backyard. Although it could feel strange to walk through the yard, sometimes eerily feeling like you were being watched, it was also magical, like a scene out of The Lord of the Rings.

Winter Wonderland

I've always believed in finding uses for those Christmas lights after the holidays. They are so beautiful, so why relegate them to one time of the year? White lights wrapped around the base of trees and extending up to the branches give a classy, yet cozy, look to the yard all year round.

Winnie The Pooh

I had a couple favorite trees growing up, two of which were hollowed out and the perfect place for a small play house. I always imagined that the coziness inside was what Winnie the Pooh experienced every day.

Tree House

Using the same concept, my neighbor turned a dead tree into a tree house. The hollowed out base (hopefully it's as strong as it looks!) supports a house, complete with stairs and a slide. It's times like these that I wish I was still a kid!

Tree Swing

I have yet to make a tree swing...perhaps a fun project for the Spring! If you are lucky enough to have a good swinging tree, swing kits are easy to find and quick to put up.

Pacifier Tree

In Svendborg, the little Danish town where my family lives, there sits an old tree that has been decorated with pacifiers since the 80's. So you can imagine how many pacifiers are on there! There were four of us growing up, and every time the newest baby outgrew a pacifier, it went on that tree, where I presume they all still sit!


If you really must cut down a tree, save the stumps! They make great seats to place around a fire pit. Make them extra comfy by topping with sheepskin.

So there you have it. Trees are there to beautify our yard, so find a neat way to use them! What did I miss? Share the neat ways you have used your own trees below.

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