Easy Crochet Kid's Scarf

Happy New Year! Here is my latest crafting project that I wanted to share as the coldest of the winter months approach. This colorful kid's scarf is super easy and perfect for beginners, so give it a try!


I use leftover green, white, and purple spools of RedHeart yarn (found them just lying around my house) and a 5.5 mm crochet hook.

What You Will Learn:

How to tie slip knot

Single crochet stitch

How to crochet a scarf

How to change yarn colors

How to hide yarn tails

The Pattern:

Single crochet 10 rows of green, then 2 rows of white, then 10 rows of purple…

Followed by 2 rows of green, then 10 rows of white, then 2 rows of purple

Repeat this same pattern 4 times.

Tying in the Yarn Tails:

Always match yarn tails with the scarf color you are crocheting into.

Pick up a few loops off your scarf and pull yarn tail through. Do this 4-5 times for each yarn tail, choosing loops that allow you to pull the yarn through in a zig zag or a circle to hold it in tight. Clip off any tail left over.


Machine washable. Wash on gentle cycle or hand wash. Dry in dryer or air dry.

Like this project? Check out other fun crochet projects too, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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