5 Hygge Tricks for Surviving Winter

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

If you have ever lived in a place with cold, dark winters, you know that the struggle to keep up your mood is real, especially once the holidays are over. The end of Christmas lights, holiday food, cheerful music, and social gatherings can be great on one hand because you can get back into your normal routine. But no longer having holidays to look forward to, combined with long periods without sun, make it easy to feel a little worn down.

Danes have certain coping mechanisms to keep positive during the winter. And if you give them a chance, they may help out your winter months too.

Keep the Christmas Glow Going

You know that feeling. It's right after Thanksgiving, and you walk into a room with a newly-lighted Christmas tree. The room feels comfortable and welcoming, and you don't want to leave the space. But of course, Christmas passes, and it's time to put everything away. And by that time, you're probably tired of Christmas decor taking up your space. So try out some other ways to keep that Christmas glow.

Add fairy or white Christmas lights to your headboard, window seal, or fireplace mantle. Place candle houses on side tables and counter tops. Set outdoor candle lanterns next to your fireplace. Or eat dinner by candlelight.

Make Coffee Time a Priority

Why? Because it's something to look forward to! When you know you're going to have coffee, let's say mid-morning and early evening, you make a note on your internal calendar that helps you to stay focused on something positive.

Pick Up a Hobby

I know, I know. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I keep harping on this. But it seriously makes a difference. You don't even have to finish what you start. Just working on a project...again having an activity to look forward to...makes even the roughest of days better. One of my favorite hobbies before kids and when I actually had free time was going to group painting classes; sometimes, it's a little easier to get started when other people are doing the same thing as you!

Get Outside

Even if it's cloudy, a little natural light can do wonders for brightening up our moods. Go for a hike, walk the neighborhood, or just sit outside. Afterwards, put on your favorite cabin socks and snuggle up in a cozy blanket with a cup of coffee...there's nothing like it!

Organize Your Life

Clearing out messes is great for stress reduction and making better use of space. And planning out your next vacation or creating a list of 10 things you want to accomplish in the new year will allow you to focus on and look forward to activities that will carry you to Spring.

Wishing you luck, and remember, this is supposed to be fun. So if you give something a shot and feel like it stinks, try something else. Okay, go get started! And share what worked best for you in the comments below.

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