Make My Hygge Home...3 Quick and Easy Makeovers

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

The start of a new year is the perfect time to create a cozy corner, inviting entryway, comfortable reading nook, or enviable bedroom. Clear out an unused corner or spare room, and make it into a relaxing retreat. A fresh look to your home does not have to mean remodeling or refurnishing...just rethinking, repurposing, and perhaps a quick trip to HomeGoods.

I find that my "hygge bug" changes throughout the year. Over Christmas, it's all about making beautiful lighting arrangements, using plenty of pine, bringing out sentimental decor, and enjoying the view with coffee. But by January, I'm ready to change things up a bit. Maybe reuse those Christmas lights in a space I normally don't utilize or rearrange furniture...that sort of thing. I also find myself getting an early Spring cleaning itch and clearing out spaces that have been getting a little messy.

Last week, I made a quick trip out and bought a few cozy items to help me spice up my home for 2019. It's amazing how sheepskin, a plush pillow, faux flowers, coffee cup (everyone needs coffee, right?), candle house, and yarn instantly up the coziness of any space.

From the moment I first toured our home, I knew it had potential. We are lucky enough to have a finished attic that offers plenty of nooks and crannies. One of those spaces is this narrow stretch that runs alongside the attic hallway. It's maybe 2 feet deep or so, just enough space to store a hope chest and bookcase. Check out the difference a little fairy lighting and a few of the cozy items above made! Transformation time - 5 minutes. Amazing!!! Perfect place to read or knit a blanket, completely undisturbed.

Okay, so this bed has survived multiple moves and kids who love to jump on it, so it's a keeper as far as I'm concerned. But since our last move, I have done a bad job of sprucing up the room and felt that it needed a little help. After spending less than 15 minutes decorating, I was like, what the heck? Why didn't I fix it up until now? A single strand of fairy lights, a couple books, old knitted blanket, flowers, coffee cup, and candle house totally transformed the space into a little retreat.

And finally, check out this boring area of my office. A plush pillow, warm blanket, candle house, books, flowers, coffee, fairy lights, and sheepskin make this space feel like home. Hygge is all about creating cozy nooks like this little corner. I am not a reader but can see myself spending a few hours here and there in this space. Truly only a 5 minute fix.

Creating an exciting space in your home doesn't have to be complicated. For design inspiration, check out Pinterest and Instagram, flip through a home and garden magazine, or take mental notes while visiting someone else's home. I like to use the formula lighting + comfort + activity. Lighting could be fairy lights, candles, or dim lamps; comfort could be a good reading chair, soft blanket, sheepskin, and plush pillow; and activity could be coffee and reading.

Even if you do not want to change up a room, there are plenty of other ways to bring hygge to your home, like cooking favorite recipes, crafting, and gardening. It's just a matter of looking inward and finding what makes you happy. How have you brought hygge to your home lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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