4 Sneaky Ways Coffee Time Provides Hygge

It is 10:30 at night as I sit here with my third cup of coffee for the day. I do not always drink this much coffee...sometimes I change it out for tea or hot chocolate...but I definitely have 2-3 warm drink breaks per day. It is a tradition as strong as celebrating Christmas in my family. Every day, the routine is the same. Wake with cookies or coffee cake. Evening (even if it's right before you go to bed) and dessert. Understandably so, many acquaintances do not know why so many coffee breaks are necessary or how I am relatively healthy eating all those sweets. Yes, I have a huge sweet tooth but always make sure to eat fruits and vegetables every day and walk regularly.

Taking breaks, especially during the day, helps us to feel more centered, to concentrate better, and to be more productive surrounding break times. And the Danes are very good at observing breaks, taking time to relax, and find their personal hygge. Here are just a few ways that coffee time can do this for you too!


Whether you drink coffee to stay awake or use that time to reflect on your day and reset, it is a chance to focus on yourself, even if for just a few minutes. Too many of us get wrapped up in the business of the day and forget that we need to either sit alone, or just chit chat with others, in order to be and feel our best.


Hygge is all about feeling warm and cozy, and coffee obviously helps us to warm up. For this reason, it is my drink of choice in the Fall and Winter when it can be hard to stay warm.


So often in Denmark, coffee time is accompanied by candlelight, making it soooooo cozy! Place candles on the table or counter and turn off other lights. Or if you do not have candles, use a candle house (I love the one pictured!) or mason jars filled with fairy lights instead.


The ONLY reason I know how to crochet is because I drink way too much coffee entirely. Every time I sit down to drink, I have to have a project in my hands. It might be a yarn craft, it might be this blog...but there is always something else I am doing at the same time. That's just how I work. So if you're not one to sit quietly and do nothing else, multitask by finding a hobby you enjoy and can pick up for short bursts of time while you drink your cup of joe.

When I used to work as a dietitian, it was difficult to get coffee in the middle of the afternoon. The office was out of their morning brew, and the hospital cafeteria was closed. So I usually snuck in a 5-10 minute walk, outside if possible, just to regroup. So it does not have to be anything that floats your boat, as long as it brings you a sense of happiness and comfort. There are so many ways to find your own just have to search within and grab it!

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