Hygge On a Friday Morning

Happy Friday! Charlotte is helping me to start off my day with morning snuggles, as we watch light snow fall out the window. Making everything cozier are my cup of hot coffee and a warm blanket that I made back in college. And I'm wearing my most comfortable clothes...not that I ever wear anything uncomfortable these days staying at home with the kiddos. That shirt is a maternity shirt...and no, I'm not pregnant. It's just so soft and stretchy that I can't part with it! I have on my Yogalicious yoga pants; I don't do yoga...never have, never will...but stretchy pants are the most comfortable and my favorite, so much so that I snuck in my last few years working as a dietitian in yoga pants...ha!

So my new favorite slippers are these cozy cabin slippers I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods. They are lined with sherpa fleece and kept my feet warm as I walked to the mailbox in the snow this morning.

And lastly, I am enjoying the sight of my fireplace, candles, little Danish model houses, handmade stockings, and elf on the shelf keeping the kids in order so I can enjoy this moment.

Nothing beats these hygge days. Keep up with my real life hygge stories or learn to crochet a blanket like the one I'm using. See you next time!

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