Hygge On a Walk

Hygge is so much more than just decorating your home. It is a lifestyle. One of my favorite things to do is to get out in the cold, rain or shine, and follow it up with a nice cup of hot coffee! It might be working out in the yard or going for a hike…anything that involves being outdoors…even if the weather is super awful.

Stop and Smell the Roses

The outdoors really bring us closer to nature and help us to take a step back and enjoy what is around us. It is a chance to separate ourselves from the stress of daily life and get in touch with our inner spirit. Even if the weather is wet and cold, there is always something to find joy in…it might be the beautiful sight of snow or the peace and solitude of walking when no one out wants to be out and about. And exercise makes us feel better mentally and physically, creating a happier self.

Coming Home

Coming back to a nice, warm home is the other part of a hygge walk. It is something to look forward to and so much more enjoyable having been outside. My favorite thing to do is to sit with hot chocolate or coffee after coming in from the cold…it is just that much nicer of an experience.

So get outside, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Load up the kiddos in the stroller and walk to the park or clear out the brush that you’ve been delaying. And follow up with your warm beverage of choice. The cozy experience will leave you feeling like a new person! For other ways to relax with hygge, check out 6 Hygge Relaxation Techniques.

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