6 Hygge Tricks to Get Your Home Glowing this Christmas

Bring hygge to your home this Christmas just with a little change of lighting. Changing the lighting of a room can quietly, yet drastically, shift the ambiance, creating a place that is comforting and begs you to stay! Here are a few favorite hygge lighting tricks.

1. Christmas Lights Redone

We’re all familiar with the glow of Christmas lights on a tree. But what if you took those lights and did something a little different that could last all year? When looking to spice up an area, consider these alternative fun uses.

  • Decorate a tree or two in your backyard.

  • Hang lights above an outdoor sitting area.

  • Run lights at the top of walls or around door frames, alone or along with an ivy or floral garland.

  • Place fairy lights into a Mason Jar, setting out on the fireplace mantle.

2. Candlelight

Probably the most common form of hygge décor is the candle. Bring candlelight to the coffee table, foyer accent table, window seals, or kitchen counter, or add candle lanterns to outdoor tables for an instant charm boost. Have pets for children? Try battery-powered candles. They have the same warm glow without the worry of a fire accident.

3. Incandescent Bulbs

The type of bulb you use makes all the difference in how a room looks and feels. Think of the cold, fluorescent lighting of an office building versus the warm glow of incandescent Christmas tree lights. Change out bulbs in areas where you spend the majority of your time for the most noticeable difference.

4. String Lights

Create a cozy space outside with string lighting. The warm glow instantly creates an inviting place to sit, talk, and enjoy a cup or two of coffee. Wrap around posts or line over outdoor sitting areas. Add table candles to accentuate the welcoming feel of the area!

5. Dimmed Lights

Perhaps THE easiest lighting trick this holiday…just dim the lights! You would be absolutely amazed by how this small change does not just transform a room, but the whole house into a cozy-feeling home. Don’t have dimmers? Luckily, dimmer switches are very inexpensive and available at your local home improvement store.

6. Fireplace

Put a fireplace to use during those colder months. A fire is not just for added heat. The glow can fill the room with warm, comforting light, rendering other lighting unnecessary and perfect for sitting down in your favorite chair to read a long novel!

Play around with the lighting in your home. You will be surprised by how easily a small lighting change makes your home cozier this Christmas season! For more fun lighting tricks, check out 6 Lighting Tricks That Will Transform Your Home Into a Cozy Retreat.