10 Ideas for Spicing Up Your Hygge Home This Christmas

With the Christmas season underway, stores are full of Christmas trees, garlands, lights, and everything else you can imagine to make your home cozy for the holidays. Hygge home decor is everywhere you look. But what else can you do to make your home extra cozy this year?

1. Invite the Neighbors

Making a home cozy is more than just creating a comfortable room or enviable reading nook; it's about sharing your home with others. Build a new friendship or simply get to know someone by inviting them over for a holiday dinner. The more the merrier!

2. Host a Gingerbread House Party

Kick off the Christmas season by inviting your children’s friends over for a gingerbread house party. No need to bake everything from scratch, as gingerbread house kits are widely available during the holiday season. Christmas village done!

3. Make Your Own Ornaments

Cut out 3D stars, create basket hearts, decorate plain Christmas ornaments with glitter glue, or loop ribbon through cookies for a little extra ornament charm this holiday. Ornaments do not need to be the standard décor found in a store. Use pieces that tell a story, or at the very least, add personalized charm to your home.

4. Add a Little Spice to Your Kitchen

Smells of favorite foods evoke pleasant memories, so break out your grandmother’s old cookie recipe (or even create a new one of your own). Make that stew that reminds you of your mom's kitchen. Smells with meaning make the season cozy. For more ways to bring hygge to your kitchen, check out Make Your House a Home with These Smell-Enhancing Techniques.

5. Use Your Fireplace

Put on your favorite wool socks, make some coffee, get out your Kindle, and plop yourself down in your most comfortable chair in front of a roaring fire…maybe once the kids go to bed…and enjoy the serenity of the experience.

6. Bring Out Something Old

Too many times, we are tempted to create a home that looks like it came out of a magazine. Sure, a fireplace mantle with perfectly-coordinated nutcrackers or porcelain mini Christmas trees looks beautiful! But add an element of nostalgia to it...maybe an older figurine handed down from your grandmother, ornament pictures, or a potted paper Christmas tree made at school by your nephew. In other words, don’t make it straight out of the book.

7. Go For a Cold Walk

No excuses…put on that warm, winter coat and get out there! Even if you just walk your neighborhood, half an hour in nature will calm your mind and perk up your spirits. And freezing cold weather makes coming inside afterwards for warm coffee or hot chocolate even cozier. There is an old Danish saying that out is good, but home is best…and this is never more true than after coming in from the cold!

8. Make Your Home Glow

Add Christmas lights to areas that you normally would not, like around a door frame, over a fireplace mantle, or along the tops of the walls. Add candles to the kitchen table or window seals. Instantly, the atmosphere in the home will be more inviting. For more ways to get the perfect hygge ambiance, check out 6 Lighting Tricks that Will Transform Your Home into a Cozy Retreat.

9. Make Your Own Christmas Presents

No gift shows more care than something handmade…if you can manage to part with it once it’s finished! But the process of creating gifts also serves another make your own home cozier. Crochet a blanket while you watch a movie or knit a scarf while drinking coffee. You will find that the entire feel of your home shifts when you have a cozy craft to engage in!

10. Give Yourself the Gift of Space

Buy a new accent chair, new bed sheets, or maybe wall shelving, and give a boring space a little more character. Or clear out a room that has accumulated a little too much junk. The gift of more enjoyable space lasts and lasts, long after the holidays have passed.

A trip to a home goods store is a great start to make a hygge home this holiday season. But the real magic of Christmas comes from the smells, glows, and homemade aspects of the season. It truly is the little things that count. Looking for more hygge holiday inspiration? Check out 6 Hygge Tricks to Get Your Home Glowing this Christmas.