Spruce Up Your Garden With a Mosaic Stepping Stone

A simple and fun way to personalize your yard is by creating your own stepping stones. Stepping stone kits make the process extremely easy if you are a novice, but creating your own stepping stone gives you the opportunity to create anything you dream up! If you don't have stepping stone mix, concrete mix from your local home improvement store works just as well.

Most artwork is meant to hang on walls or sit on fireplace mantles, and that is why I love the idea of stepping stones so much...they are weatherproof pieces of art that decorate the outside and give your garden its own unique personality. I used to gift stepping stones for holidays and birthdays but in more recent years, have ended up keeping for myself! For more coziness-enhancing techniques, check out 6 Simple Tips for Adding Hygge to Your Home.

I would love to see what you come up with. Be sure to share your comments and pictures below!


Stepping stone mix

Stained glass (or ceramic) pieces

Flat marbles

Plastic mold


Paint stirrer

Soft sponge


Paper towel

Plastic bag

Step by Step:

1. Plan

What do you want to create a picture of? If you wish to create a flower stepping stone, purchase ceramic, glass, and marbles that have the colors of the flower you wish to make. If you wish to write a message, such as Welcome to my garden!, make sure that you have enough small pieces to easily fit the wording in, as well as enough marbles and glass pieces to perhaps create little flowers as a border.

2. Prepare

Lay out plastic bag in the area that your will makes cleanup so much easier!

Safety: Wear protective eye wear, mask, and gloves when mixing concrete (mixing can be dusty!). Keep those gloves on for the rest of the project...concrete can be difficult to get off your hands.

3. Create

Spray mold with cooking spray to make it easier to remove.

Mix concrete with water according to directions (it should have the consistency of cake batter) and pour into clean mold.

Do a practice run with your design on the's much easier to adjust if it's not yet set in stone!

Arrange ceramic, glass, and marbles into concrete.

Push pieces into the concrete so the surface barely rises above the concrete.

4. Finish

After several hours of letting your stone sit, very lightly wipe off your picture using a rung-out-sponge to get rid of concrete covering your work. Be careful not to push your tiles down into the concrete.

Allow stepping stone to harden (at least 24-48 hours) before removing from mold. Keep in a warm, dry place during this time, as coldness and dampness will increase drying time.

Place your stone out for display!

Note: Make your own ceramic pieces by breaking old plates yourself. Place plates into a plastic bag; tie off bag and throw onto hard ground (such as a driveway). Open the bag, and you will have a variety of sizes to work with. Careful…pieces may be sharp! For another fun garden artwork, create a Painted Welcome Stone.

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