Make Your Fall Decor Its Best with These 5 Crafting Projects!

The Fall is that time of year when making items by hand is in full swing. Everyone wants the best Fall decor, and there is no better way than through crafting! With the holidays quickly approaching, crafty gifts and décor are on everyone’s minds. So which projects will turn heads and be most popular this Fall? Year after year, these items continue to pop up, and if inventory of supplies in crafting stores is any indicator, they will be high on the to-do list of many crafters again!

Fall Wreaths

Bring in the Fall with a personalized front door wreath. Seasonal wreaths are a great way to showcase your artistic talents and give your home a unique sense of beauty and coziness, so expect the compliments to start rolling in! Try out this fun Fall wreath idea or check Hygge Bug's crafting section this October to learn to make the one pictured:

  • Purchase or make a wreath of flexible twigs.

  • Glue on Fall-themed flowers and leaves, small pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, and an orange or brown ribbon woven around the wreath.

  • For extra bling, decorate the leaves and pine cones with glitter glue.


Whether you are a pro crafter or have never made anything before, there is a fun and easy knitted or crocheted Fall scarf idea for you. Opt for orange, yellow, green, brown, or red yarns...think of the colors of changing leaves...and if you like a little extra flair, create stripes varying colors, add tassels, or use yarn with sequins or shimmery strands. No need to match yarn to existing sweaters, unless you are craving that 70's-style, vintage look!


With Winter approaching, the warm light of candles add an extra dose of hygge, or coziness, to any space. And craft stores offer everything you need to make candles at home. Making your own candles has truly never been easier or allowed as much flexibility of design. For a little extra fun, melt down old, worn out candles and pour the wax into a Mason Jar; you will have an entirely new candle in a snap!


Another holiday gifting favorite, blankets bring comfort and show love for whomever receives the gift. So make some coffee, put on your warm socks, pull up your favorite chair, and crochet a blanket…life does not get much more hyggelig than that!


If you ever watched Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, you probably were like most and became inspired by his artistic talents. You may even catch yourself saying, “Let’s put a little bush there” as you paint a picture. Professional painting skills are not required for making nice pictures of your own…a little time, effort, and patience are the simple ingredients for great results!

So pick a craft or two to engage in this Fall! Work on a craft you are skilled at or try something entirely new. Fall is the second “Spring” of the year, a time to reset our mental clocks, prepare for Winter, and re-evaluate hobbies. For more crafting ideas, see Crafting for Coziness…4 Crafts Guaranteed to Bring Comfort to Your Home. Or if you prefer a twist on your typical crafting, check out 5 Ways to Turn Your Junk into Crafty Treasure.