Spice Up Your Kitchen with this Bright, Crocheted Pot Holder

Make a stunning crocheted pot holder that will make your kitchen extra cozy! In this video, I will teach you the step-by-step instructions to making a pot holder of your very own.

You only need a few items to get started. Choose two yarn colors, any colors that you having sitting around or that make you feel happy. The yarn should be medium sized (I am using standard Red Heart yarn). You will also need a crocheting hook (5mm). That’s it…you’re ready to get started!

I create the pot holder using the single crochet stitch. Each side of the pot holder is square shaped, and at the end, I crochet the squares together, again using the single crochet stitch, and finish with a little hook so that it can be hung on the wall.

Pot holders make great gifts but are also nice to keep for yourself! I always make them with the intention of giving them away but usually end up keeping them. For extra pot holder fun, try changing out the colors as you go to create something truly unique and personalized. Hope you enjoy!

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