Hygge Up Coffee Time with This Easy Crocheted Coffee Mug Cozy

Make this colorful and cute crocheted coffee mug cozy to make drinking coffee every morning more fun! I will give you the step-by-step instructions needed to make your very own. And the best is quick and should not take more than an hour to make. Not a crocheter? Try out this super cute knitted version instead!

You only need a few items to get started...a medium-sized yarn (I use the Red Heart brand), a medium-sized coffee mug, 2 buttons, and a 5 mm crocheting hook. I prefer to make coffee mug cozies with a variety of colors, so pick a few older yarn balls to finish up.

Begin by crocheting 25 chain stitches. Then single crochet 10 rows. In this video, I change the yarn color every 2 rows to create a striped pattern. Once your sweater has been crocheted, hide in leftover yarn tails by crocheting into your work. Sew 2 buttons onto one end and 2 loops (15 chain stitches each) onto the other so that you can attach to your favorite coffee mug.

And you are done!!! Go enjoy some coffee! Coffee mug sweaters make great gifts but are also nice to keep for yourself! Hope you enjoy!

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