Summer Fun With Homemade Bubbles

Looking for a fun summer activity with the kids? Making homemade bubbles is super simple and uses ingredients that you already have sitting around your house.

I first started making my own bubbles this past summer when one of my toddlers threw a tantrum because the other knocked over the bubble container, making a soapy mess of the deck. I remembered my son making bubbles at preschool and created a similar recipe based upon what I could remember. And it worked! I cannot promise that these bubbles are as great as the store's, but my kiddos loved them! In fact, I have not bothered to buy new bubbles since.

I would love to see what you come up with. Be sure to share your comments and pictures below!


1/2 cup dish soap

1 cup water

1/8 cup sugar

Empty container/bubble wand

Measuring cups (1 cup, 2 cup sizes)


Step by Step:

1. Mix dish soap, water, and sugar and whisk until blended. Then pour mixture into empty container (I like to reuse old bubble containers) and fill about ¾ full (leaving space allows room for bubbles when you shake it).

2. Place lid on container and shake vigorously.

3. Allow to settle for a few minutes.

Note: Add food coloring to the mix for colorful bubbles!

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