Super Easy Swirled Soap Recipe

One of the most fun soap designs I have come across are the marble, or swirled color, soaps. And it's so easy! After melting down shea butter soap, add coloring, mixing only slightly; then pour into molds and allow to harden. And have a soap masterpiece! For extra color fun, I sometimes add two or three different colors using the same technique.

I would love to see what you come up with. Be sure to share your comments and pictures below!


Gift ties

Soap coloring

Soap fragrance

Shea butter soap

Skewer (for color mixing)

Soap molds

Cutting board

Soap cutter

Plastic bag

Measuring cup

Step by Step:

1. Lay plastic bag on work makes cleanup so much easier!

2. Cut raw soap into small blocks and place into measuring cup.

3. Microwave soap for half a minute. Continue to microwave until completely melted, checking on it every 10-15 seconds and stirring to help soap to melt evenly.

4. Stir in soap fragrance. Then add soap coloring, 1-2 drops at a time, but not completely stirring together. A swirled pattern should form.

5. Pour soap into molds.

6. Allow soap to sit for about an hour or until firm. Refrigerating helps to speed things up. Then pop out of molds and tie off with ribbon or gift ties.

Note: This can be a really fun project for older kids to help out with! Allow the kiddos to add glitter, colors, fragrance, rose petals, or even dried herbs to the liquid soap…see what they come up with! Check out other SOAPS for more homemade gift inspiration.