Candle Making Safety

Candle making is a fun and creative way to enhance your kitchen and home decor, but it does carry some safety hazards. As long as you're careful about what you do and are prepared in case of an accident, there is nothing to worry about. The rest is fun! Check out the CANDLES section to learn how to make a variety of candles at home.

On that note, a few safety pointers:

  • Never melt wax directly on the stove because it will mostly likely not cook evenly and may burn! Instead, use a double boiler.

  • Use an electric, rather than a gas, stove...gas stoves are a much greater fire hazard than electric stoves because of the flame.

  • If melting wax in the microwave, pour wax into a microwave-safe bowl. Set initial heating time for 4 minutes. Continue to reheat until melted, making sure to check every 2 minutes as the wax heats up very quickly once melting begins.

  • Keep a close eye on melting can cause severe burns if a child or animal knocks it over.

  • Wear oven gloves when handling anything containing hot wax (including candle jars!)...heat transfers quickly and can burn your hand.

  • And most likely, a fire will never ever happen, but should it occur, extinguish with a fire extinguisher (not water)...keep it ready, just in case.

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