Make Your House a Home with These Smell-Enhancing Techniques

Have you ever wandered into Ikea and found yourself mesmerized by the smell of cinnamon and meatballs? Good smells help to create a comfortable and cozy environment that makes anyone want to stay put. So how can you replicate these smells without cooking in the kitchen all day? We have some simple ideas for you!


Bake and cook from scratch. I know. I know. I just said I would give ideas without requiring constant kitchen work. But if you can set aside time once or twice a week to bake or cook, your home will retain some of those pleasant smells on the days between. Check out the RECIPES section for some great ideas.

Make coffee. Who said coffee was just a morning drink? Blend your favorite brew in the afternoon too. The inviting Starbuck's smell is sure to give you home a cozy feel.

Use cinnamon and nutmeg. There is something so powerful about these spices. Not only do they give amazing flavor to baked cookies and coffee cake, but they also leave an amazing smell that lingers.

Air dry linens. It may seem outdated, but hanging linens out to dry will keep your sheets and bedroom smelling nice all week long. On that same token, choosing a fresh-linen-scented laundry detergent will only boost the enticing smell of your home further.

​​Open the windows. A little fresh air goes a long way in reinvigorating the atmosphere of your home. Barring frigid temperatures, open windows weekly to replace any animal or food odors with the fresh, sweet scent of the outdoors.

potted flowers

Light scented candles. Scented candles not only give that warm light we seek in cozy homes, but also make your home smell exactly the way you want. It might be sweet

vanilla, fresh linen, chocolate cake, or cinnamon spice. Pick a scent that you enjoy and use it. Learn how to make your own candles.

Plant flowers. One of the best ways to make your home smell divine is by planting roses, spruces, herbs, or other sweet-smelling plants. Enjoy these smells inside too by placing fresh-cut flowers and herbs in a vase or opening the windows.

Changing just one thing about your home’s smell is all it takes to up the coziness factor. So make it a routine to brew coffee, crack your windows, or light candles, and watch your home environment transform! Wish to make you outdoor space smell just as inviting as your home? Check out 8 Plants That Make Your Yard Smell Heavenly.

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