6 Hygge Relaxation Techniques

relaxing with coffee and book

Fully relaxing is more than just kicking up your feet and enjoying a cup of coffee. It takes some prep work. A few hygge-building activities and actions can make cozying up exponentially easier.

Get Outside

Even if it is rainy or freezing, make it a practice to get outside a few days a week, either for a walk or to do a little yard work. Not only does fresh air seem to magically soothe stress, it also magnifies the relaxation we experience once we go inside. Nothing is better than sitting in your favorite chair and drinking coffee, knowing that your exercise and yard work are both done; check, check.

First Work, Then Play

On that same token, schedule coffee breaks and kicking up your feet just after you finish a big piece of a project you are working on or after all those errands you had to run. Cozying up is much more easier if stressful activities are over and done.

Minimize Controllable Stressors

Maybe you committed yourself to too many PTA events, purchased a home with a yard you cannot keep up, or over-extended yourself financially. Make a list of your top 10 stressors and adjust those that you have power over. Avoiding unnecessary worries makes it infinitely easier to enjoy life’s small treasures.

Keep Aromas Flowing


Do you ever walk into a coffee shop and instantly feel calmer? Aromas can bring about a sense of comfort and happiness. Brew a cup of coffee, bring in roses from the garden, have a crockpot cooking, or bake your favorite cookies. No one will complain about all the great food you have made! Read Make Your House a Home with These Smell-Enhancing Techniques for additional scent-enhancing tips.

Set Up Routines

Daily practices are best followed when routines are in place. Set aside time – mark that calendar if you need to - for anything that either directly helps you relax (coffee breaks, walks through the park, sitting by the fire) or will help you better relax later (cleaning your home, decluttering, gardening).

hobby store

Engage in a Hobby

It might be woodworking, crocheting, or painting a picture. Pick up an activity that you like. Hobbies have the benefit of calming the mind while adding personal, comfortable touches to your home. Check out CRAFTING lessons for inspiration and free crafting lessons.

Mastering the art of relaxation takes practice. Enjoy the outdoors, minimize controllable stressors, establish calming routines, keep pleasant aromas going, and adopt a hobby. Your life and home will become cozier than ever in no time!

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