12 Savvy Tricks that Will Transform Your Yard into a Garden Escape

Everyone wants that perfect backyard escape, a yard that is quaint, cozy, and beautiful. So how do you get that without spending a fortune or all of your free time? Here are some surefire ways to convert your outdoor space into your own personal retreat!

Utilize What Evokes Nostalgia

Smells are strongly tied with memories, so plant flowers that you associate with happiness. Choose plant colors that bring you a sense of peace and serenity. Use statues that remind you of your mother’s garden and experiencing the joy of the backyard as a child. Your décor can be new, passed down from family, or even from a thrift store. Just pick items that bring you pleasure.

cozy yard

Outdoor Seating

Do not slack on sitting areas. Generally, the more places to sit, the more enchanting a yard becomes. Create an area on your porch, deck, or patio, then 1-2 more sitting areas in or around the yard, to ensure you can sit and enjoy all of the views.

Colorful, Low-Maintenance Plants

No one wants to spend all of their free time caring for a yard. That being said, a little work can go a long way. Use colorful, low-maintenance, perennial plants (Knockout Roses, lavender, lantanas, cypresses, and hydrangeas have a big yard impact) to get the beautiful outdoor space you desire without eating away at your time or pocket book. Check out 8 Plants That Make Your Yard Smell Heavenly for further inspiration.

Green Fences

Nothing better combines beauty and function than a green fence. Certain hedges and trees (such as holly bushes and cypress trees) provide a nice boarder while reducing sound travel (nice if you live close to a major road), providing privacy, and adding year-round greenery.

Natural Walkways

A large part of what makes a yard cozy is using natural-looking decorative elements, such as brick, stone, or concrete tiled steps and walkways. A trip to your home improvement store and a Saturday are all you need to get the project done yourself.

Outdoor Lighting

Simply hang outdoor lights (Christmas lights work wonders) from the rafters of a pergola, link lights between posts, or decorate outdoor trees for a captivating glow. Add table candles for an extra touch of coziness. Are you really home or in a nice resort? For indoor lighting tips, read 6 Lighting Tricks that Will Transform Your Home into a Cozy Retreat.

Hidden Treasure Areas

It might be a bare patch on the edge of your yard or an unused area on the side of your house; these places are perfect for making some magic happen. Add slate stones or recycled bricks to create a patio. Complete with an outdoor patio set or a small bench for unexpected usage and views of the yard. Perhaps add in a small koi pond or a stone fire pit instead. If you have trees, suspend a swing or hammock. Every space has potential. Do not let it go to waste!

Scavenge Your Yard

Getting expensive, eh? You might be surprised by the amount of supplies your yard provides. Use an old rock pile to create a beautiful stone wall or stone path. Branches are perfect for lining a wooded path. If you need more flowers, simply cutting off new growth and planting directly into soil is often enough to get a new plant started. Use your imagination. How would you have created your perfect space when you were a child and could not afford to go to the store?

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is perfect for burning yard refuse or simply sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Lay down stone or tiles, creating a space large enough for the fire pit and surrounding chairs. Then build your fire pit, building large rocks into a circle. Enjoy coffee or making s’mores year round!

bike with basket of flowers

Repurposed/Recycled Décor

A little trick for boosting yard charm without spending a fortune is to acquire used items that can be used for yard art. Find an old bike with a basket? Simply fill the basket with dirt and flowers and set next to the house. This can also be done using an old mason jar, watering can, or even rain boots; just drill holes in the bottom for drainage.


Whether it’s hanging planters overflowing with geraniums, impatient-filled window boxes, or latticework sporting climbing roses, you can never go wrong with using more plants. The beauty and aroma of flowers and plants, especially near the house, optimize the coziness both inside and out.


Nothing makes a yard more fun that growing and eating your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. So add some tomatoes and peppers or plant an apple tree. Live in a condo or apartment? Try a plant tower garden or patio planter.

A few simple changes and a little elbow grease can bring out the best in any garden. Greenery, flowers, and edible gardens transform a dull yard into a gorgeous sanctuary. Add in some seating and warm lighting and you are ready to enjoy all that nature has to offer. You look at your yard every single day; make it into a space that makes you happy! Take a look at 6 Simple Tips for Adding Hygge to Your Home for making your indoor home just as inviting.