6 Simple Tips for Adding Hygge to Your Home

A hygge, or cozy, home combines a variety of factors, such as warm lighting, nature, and meaningful décor. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your home is your own and should reflect who you are. When designing you home for comfort, choose one or two places to start, perhaps by adding décor similar what you have admired in a friend’s home or in a magazine. Or try including a few of these coziness-enhancing basics. You will notice a difference in your home’s feel immediately!

Warm Light

candlelit dinner

Allow windows and glass doors to optimize natural light during the day, while lamps, candles, and fireplaces fill evenings with warm light. A few simple routines can completely transform the lighting in you home!

  • Open the blinds and curtains each morning

  • Turn off overhead lights in favor of table lamps in the evening

  • Light candles (or use flameless candles) during dinner or coffee

  • Enjoy your fireplace while relaxing in the den


Nature is calming and beautiful and an important element of hygge homes. Simple green plants and flowers on the window seal or a few roses in a vase on the kitchen table make any home instantly welcoming and cozy.


brick wall

An interior brick wall, painted or natural, provides a sense of history to a home, reminiscent of refurbished mills or factories. So how do you add this element to your home without spending a small fortune?

3D brick wallpaper from your local home improvement store closely resembles the look of real brick and is perfect for an accent wall. No one will believe you did it yourself!


While a cozy home does not require an open floor pattern, it does incorporate a simplistic and well thought-out design that allows for optimal space use. Keeping personal effects organized is even more important in small homes, where space is of the essence. Keep furniture only if it serves a purpose or provides beauty to your home. Add wall-mounted shelves to display meaningful items to preserve counter and floor space. Take a look at 7 Painless Decluttering Habits for further organizational tips.

Smart Technology

Technology is part of everyday life, even making homes cozier! A water heater or a small boiler can circulate warm water through plastic tubing beneath floors, keeping your feet warm as you walk. What a nice way to step out of bed in the morning! And multi-paned windows keep out those cold winter drafts, allowing you comfortably watch the snow storm outside.

painter with easel

Personalized Items

Handmade pillows, blankets, sweaters, pot holders, paintings, and place settings provide a unique personality to each hygge home. Check out the CRAFTING page for free tutorials on making your own handmade items.

The premise of a hygge home design is to start with a blank slate (light, neutral walls); then add in personality with furniture and décor, using handmade paintings and crafts, all while including elements that bring you closer to nature and allow optimal comfort in the home. Read 8 Staging Hacks that Will Boost Your Home’s Coziness for further cozy-building strategies.

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