Hygge at Christmastime - The Gingerbread House

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I'm all about making life for the kiddos just as cozy as my own. I am pretty terrible at building anything, so luckily, a friend gave me a gingerbread house kit to use. Otherwise, the basic house would be a large pile of nothing. In keeping with true hygge style, we put our house together by candlelight. So grab a cup of coffee, some candles, and a kit, and make this gingerbread house with us!

Only half of the decorations lasted long enough to decorate. Why do they taste so good? I've thought about making my own candy to go on top...maybe some chocolates, colorful marzipan, and lollipops, or spreading icing over the entire roof and covering with sprinkles. How do you decorate your houses? Share in the comments below!

By the way, those candles are battery powered, so no worries. I've already had a house fire thanks too one of my other children, so lesson learned. I cannot figure out how to use icing (so you will probably never see a blog post about how to decorate a cake), but the kids hid my untalented decorating pretty well!

Well, there you go. At least one side looks okay! Quick note for cleanup...use a spatula to scoop up the icing off the table rather than a wet paper towel. Otherwise, you will find yourself stirring around a sticky, sugary mess for, like, 5 hours.

Loving our new Christmas decor! Even if the landscaping is on the roof.

Handmade projects always make home feel like home. I'm constantly coming up with fun, kid-proof, creativity-sparking crafts. Don't forget to check out more ways to get your home ready for Christmas this year! Merry Christmas guys!

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