Homemade Stained Glass Candle

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

I came up with the idea of a stained glass candle after finishing a mosaic stepping stone project. I love reusing and repurposing when possible...check out 5 Ways to Turn Your Junk into Crafty Treasure for more on this...and decided to take extra stained glass pieces and use them as candle decor. You can make your own unique candles in this way with just about any non-flammable objects, such as ceramic, stone, shells, and marbles. I usually use a Mason jar for these types of candles, although any glass jar will do the trick!

Difficulty Level: Medium

Project Time: 30 minutes

Candle Making Safety


Soy wax flakes, ~1 lb


Plastic bag

Oven gloves

Large cooking pot

Candle pouring pot

Mason jar

Stained glass pieces

Candle fragrances and colors (if desired)

Wick with clip

Wax adhesive (or wick keeper)

Flat wooden skewers

Step by Step:

1. Lay plastic bag on work makes cleanup so much easier!

2. Attach wax adhesive to bottom side of wick clip. Scoop out wax adhesive with a butter knife and spread it with your fingers onto the bottom of the wick clip. Be generous with the wax so that it sticks more easily. Then adhere to center of Mason jar using a butter knife or other long object.

3. In the same way that wax adhesive was used to hold wick clip in place, attach to stained glass pieces. Push each piece against inside wall of Mason jar; use a generous amount of wax and more glass pieces than desired, as pieces are prone to coming loose once hot wax is poured. To prevent too many pieces from falling, let the melted wax cool for as long as possible before pouring into jar.

4. Wrap wick around wooden skewer a few times, positioning skewer above top of jar so that wick within the jar stands straight up. The skewer will keep the wick in place while the candle wax is being poured. The flat skewers work best because they will not roll.

5. Fill large cooking pot with 1-2 inches of water.

6. Pour candle wax into candle wax melter. Then place candle wax melter into large cooking pot to create a double boiler. If it looks like I have more wax than you, it is beca