Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Make your home Fall ready with these easy DIY pumpkin ideas! In this video, I give you the step-by-step instructions for making a variety of pumpkins that each bring elements of beauty and charm to your home. I just love making my own decor, especially around the holidays!

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Project Time: 1 hour


Three medium-sized faux pumpkins

Black lace

Faux red sunflowers

Acrylic paint (black and white)

Gold glitter glue

3-D black paint

Hot glue gun

What to Do:

The First Pumpkin:

Paint pumpkin white, and allow to dry.

Cut black lace, and glue around the pumpkin.

So easy, right? But it looks so classic!!!

The Second Pumpkin:

Paint pumpkin black, and allow to dry.

Cut flowers heads off of stems, and glue onto the top of the pumpkin. In this project, I use red sunflowers...I just love the bright reds of fall!

The Third Pumpkin:

Paint pumpkin black, and allow to dry.

Paint white circles of varying sizes around the entire pumpkin.

Border ~1/2 of the white circles with 3-D black paint and the other half with gold glitter glue to add a little bling!

Let us know which pumpkin is your favorite in the comments below! And post your pictures too. Hope you enjoy!

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