Create Your Hygge Home in One Hour

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

We are all searching for that quick fix to a boring space. Perhaps you have a bare hallway, empty area under the stairs, lackluster yard, or unimpressive patio. But most of us work and have other obligations, making it difficult to devote serious time to a home makeover. So how do you transform these areas into cozy spaces on a busy schedule…and preferably within the hour? Here are some creative, yet time-friendly, projects that will make your home into a retreat.

Patio Revitalization

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Although purchasing a new patio complete with a built-in stone fireplace is a beautiful home addition, it is possible to make just as enjoyable of a space using what you already have. It does not matter whether your patio is just a concrete slab or flagstone floor, you can make it beautiful and relaxing…and quickly! Try out these ideas for a fast and impressive makeover.

  • Hang outdoor lights.

  • Decorate patio with potted plants – larger plants such as small trees and cypresses have the biggest impact.

  • Place a trellis against a bare wall, weaving through potted climbing plants.

  • Set out a few candles and a vase with flowers onto the patio table.

Tree Swing

An old, sturdy tree with low-hanging branches is the perfect space to spruce up, and nothing stands out quite as nicely as a tree swing. A swing gives a garden timeless charm, while adding function to your space. Tree swing kits make assembly and hanging a swing fast and simple.


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If you’ve ever sold or bought a home, you know that one of the most important aspects of making a home feel comfortable is staging, particularly centerpiece decor. All that means is either decorating furniture with plants, small statues, or books to create a lived-in, yet sophisticated, look. So place a vase with flowers on a side table, or create a centerpiece arrangement with flowers, a candle, and a few books. You will feel as though you have had a personal decorator visit. See 8 Staging Hacks that Will Boost Your Home’s Coziness for more staging inspiration!

Quick Crafts

Crafting provides the opportunity to make unique décor for your home. Stepping stones, painted stones, homemade soaps and candles, crocheted pot holders, and knitted coffee cup sweaters are just a few projects that will leave your home cozier while leaving your afternoon open!

Hallway Help

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So you have a case of the boring hallway. A few pictures hang from the wall, but otherwise, it is bland and unimpressive. What can you do to quickly spice up this area? If you have a wider hallway, add in two chairs with a small table between, completing the look with a small lamp, floral bouquet, or coffee table books. Otherwise, add an accent table with candles, flowers, or small book stack, finishing the look off with a wall-hung mirror. The look and feel of the space will be instantly transformed!

Making a home cozier does not have to be time-consuming. It should be fun and low stress, all while incorporating items that are meaningful or bring you a sense of happiness. Looking to create your hygge home on the cheap? Check out Hygge Your Home on a Budget for low-cost ideas!

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