Add Personality to Your Wardrobe with These Easy Crocheted Butterflies

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Before my daughter was born, I decided that I was going to make as much of her room as possible by hand. I crocheted butterflies that hung from her mobile and sat on a memory board, and they looked great! This is the exact pattern that I used and continue to use whenever I get the urge to spice up blankets, scarves, and hats. These butterflies look really difficult but are super easy once you know what to do!

Difficulty Level: Medium

Project Time: 15 minutes per butterfly


You only need a few items to get started...a medium-sized yarn (I use Red Heart brand) and a 5 mm crocheting hook. I prefer to make butterflies in a variety of colors; if you do too, make sure to have a few yarn colors available to use. For the spots, you will need a yarn needle.


Begin by creating a slip knot, followed by a dime-sized loop.

Stitch through the loop. This stitch will become the base for the first wing.

Triple crochet 6 in this base stitch. Then chain stitch 3 down to the loop. Your first bottom wing is done.

Stitch through the dime-sized loop again, and repeat to create a second bottom wing.

Stitch through the dime-sized loop again. Double crochet 4 into your base stitch. Then chain stitch 2 down to the loop. Your first top wing is done.

Finally, stitch through the dime-sized loop a fourth time, and repeat to create a second top wing.

Choose a yarn color different than the color of the butterfly for the abdomen/antennas.

Chain stitch 10, and tie off. Trim the yarn tails so that only ~1/2 inch remain on each - these are your antennas!

Again using a yarn color different than the butterfly, add spots by sewing a yarn up and through the butterfly. This really makes the butterflies pop!

Then sew onto a blanket, scarf, or hat.

Don't forget to check out other fun crocheting ideas, and share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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