Spice Up Your Kitchen with this Bright, Crocheted Pot Holder

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

My Danish grandmother always made her own pot holders. The one you see in the picture below is actually one that she made for me when I was a teenager, which is why it looks a little worn out haha. I am making a replica of sorts in this video. I have always been a huge fan of the just makes home so cozy! And anyone can make this pot holder, no matter your experience level.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Project Time: 1 hour


Choose two yarn colors, any colors that you having sitting around or that make you feel happy. The yarn should be medium sized (I am using standard Red Heart yarn in red and white). You will also need a crocheting hook (5mm). That’s it…you’re ready to get started!

What to Do:

Chain stitch 25 using the red.

Single crochet 24 rows.

Repeat to create a second panel.

Single crochet the two panels together in white.

Chain stitch 10 in white to create a little loop from which to hang pot holder.

Care: Machine washable and dryable

Pot holders make great gifts but are also nice to keep for yourself! I always make them with the intention of giving them away but more times than not, end up adding them to my collection. Why do I have so much trouble parting with what I make?

Don't forget to check out other fun crocheting projects, and share your thoughts below. Thanks for reading this blog!

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