Crochet a Stylish Hat

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

This hat is so easy to crochet and complements a handmade scarf perfectly! I have always preferred to make, rather than purchase, hats because it allows me to coordinate better with the jackets and sweaters I wear. And they make awesome gifts if you are looking to get ahead on Christmas presents this year!

Difficulty Level: Medium

Project Time: 1-2 hours


Choose a medium-sized yarn (I am using standard Red Heart yarn), any color that you having sitting around or that coordinates with your outdoor attire. You will also need a crocheting hook (5mm). That’s it…you’re ready to get started!

What to Do:

Chain stitch 35

Double crochet the first row.

Double crochet the second row, except for the final 5 stitches. Single crochet the first 3, and pull yarn through the last 2. This will taper down one edge.

Repeat one normal double crochet row followed by a tapered row until a total of 26 rows have been crocheted.

Crochet together the top of the hat and then close up the remainder.

Finally, create a pom pom. Cut 200-300 pieces of yarn, each 2-3 inches long, and tie together tightly in the middle. Trim and then sew onto the top of the hat.

This is such a fun hat to make and super easy to adjust if need be. Before closing up the hat, I recommend pulling what you have made around your head to make sure it fits. You can easily add and subtract rows from this pattern. Thanks for reading Hygge Bug's blog!

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