Make Over Your Closet With Personalized Hangers

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Decorative hangers are a great way to add style and organization your closet. Create hangers for each day of the week, special occasions, or with inspirational messages. Keep for yourself or give to someone else as a meaningful gift.

One Christmas a long time ago, my sister made me painted hangers for special occasion for a little black dress, one for school game days, one for Spring, and a few others. I have carried around those hangers move after move and continue to use them. Their beauty and knowing how much time and effort went into making each hanger have kept me holding onto them all these years. Because these hangers have been one of my favorite gifts, I decided to share exactly what you need to do to make your very own!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Project Time: 30 minutes (not including drying time)


Black acrylic paint

Paint brushes (3/4 inch thick, 1/4 inch thin)

Crystals & pearls with adhesive backs

Decorative ribbons

Wooden hanger

Paint palette

Cup of water

Paper towel

Paint pens (optional)

What to Do:

1. Start by painting wooden hangers in colors that best represent the clothing to be hung. For example, if you are making a Springtime-themed hanger, choose a spring color, such as pink or yellow. If you are making a hanger to hang your favorite holiday dress, choose a color commonly seen around the holidays, such as red or green. Allow paint to dry for 24 hours; I find it best to hang the hanger in the closet so that it dries without sticking to anything.

2. Using paint pens or brush, write a description fitting outfit to be hung. A school-themed hanger might say "[School Name] Game Day", while a hanger meant for an evening dress might say "Little Black Dress". Be creative...the name is completely up to you!

3. Glue crystals and pearls for that little bit of bling needed to make an ordinary hanger really stand out. Create crystal and pearl flowers to add pops of flare and elegance.

4. Tie ribbon as bow on hanger tip. A different ribbon for each hanger gives added character to each. If you have thin ribbons, combine 2 or 3 per hanger to make a bulkier and more noticeable bow.

5. Hang your favorite clothes, or give hangers away as a nice gift!

Don't forget to check out other fun painting crafts and leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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