Welcome Guests With This Painted Welcome Stone

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Perfect for the front porch or the garden, a welcome sign is a friendly greeting to your home. A flat-surfaced stone is a great place to create a welcome sign and is much easier to make than you may think.

My Danish grandmother always had a painted stone on display in her living room. It was a small stone with painted flowers that sat on a living room bookshelf, but it was always the first thing I noticed when I walked into the room. I came up with the idea for this 'welcome' stone one day while perusing an old photo album, and since making my own stone, it has sat proudly on display on my front porch for all to see. Not only is it beautiful, but it brings back happy memories of my time spent in Denmark. This personalized decor is what truly makes a home your own. For more ideas on making your home cozier, check out 6 Simple Tips for Adding Hygge to Your Home.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Project Time: 1 hour


Large stone – it is important that the stone contains a flat surface on one side

Acrylic paint set

Paint brush

Cup of water


Paper towel

Paint palette

Crystals with adhesive backs


1. Plan

In addition to writing ‘Welcome’ on your stone, you may want to create little flowers, butterflies, or lady bugs on the side. You may also choose to create the ‘Welcome’ letters in a certain font, or perhaps use a flower in place of the ‘o’, for example. Planning out the details ahead of time will help you later on in the process. Draw it out in pencil before your start. Once the paint is on stone, it is...well...set in stone.

2. Prepare

  • Make sure stone is clean and dry.

  • Draw out your 'Welcome' and other decorations in pencil.

  • Distribute paint onto paint palette.

3. Paint

  • Paint onto stone the word ‘Welcome’ and any additional decorations you choose.

  • Clean brush in water and dry between each color.

  • If you're like me and like a little extra bling, add crystals (perhaps as flower centers) once the paint dries.

4. Finish

  • Acrylic paint dries quickly. However, it is best to keep it out of the rain for at least 24 hours to really allow it to set, as wet acrylic paint is water soluble.

  • Paint can be washed from brush and color palette with soap and water if done quickly after painting is finished.

  • Set your stone out, and enjoy its charm!

If you enjoyed making your welcome stone, you will have so much fun making a Mosaic Stepping Stone! Thanks so much for reading!