7 Painless Decluttering Habits

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Nothing adds more stress to a home than clutter. Whether it’s laundry left in piles, dishes sitting on the counter, or simply too much furniture in a room, clutter is a reminder of projects needing to be done and quickly destroys the comfort and coziness of a home. So how to we minimize what is not needed? Try these little tactics for a decluttered home in no time.

Simple Rule

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Decluttering can be difficult. When cleaning up your home, ask yourself the question, ‘Is this item useful or sentimental?’, useful meaning that you have used it within the past 6 months or definitively plan to use it again within the next year, and sentimental meaning that the item evokes nostalgia and brings you joy, not something you hold onto just because you have had it forever. If the answer is ‘no’, it is time to donate.

Develop Declutting Routines

Without regular check, it is easy to develop a cluttered home. So schedule bi-annual donations and set aside one day a week to organize any clutter that is building up. Staying on top of messes will help you to enjoy your home exponentially.

Become an E-reader

One of the biggest sources of clutter is books. While book collections can be a nice addition to a room, bookshelves packed to the brim or books on the floor can make your reading nook feel like a storage closet. So what do you do if you are an avid reader and just cannot part with any of your books? E-readers are here to help! Pare down your physical book collection while gaining access to new books at a fraction of the cost of hard covers. How about that for having your cake and eating it too!

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Clear Closet Space

When it comes to clothes, nothing makes you feel like you have more than when you have less. Getting rid of clothes that do not fit or are out of style clears up valuable closet space and makes getting ready each morning much quicker and easier. Try closet organizers to create storage space in all the right places.

Trim Down Furniture

Maybe you inherited furniture from a grandparent or purchased an entire furniture set from the store, and now your home feels crowded. It happens to the best of us! Carefully evaluate each piece and place into storage (or give away) pieces that lack charm and do not enhance the space in which they sit.

Keep Counter Tops Organized

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The kitchen is where everything from meal preparation to social gatherings takes place, so make it sparkle by keeping it clean and organized. Keep on the counter only what adds character or is immediately useful, such as a cookbook stand and coffee machine, and store away the rest. Add a candle or flowers for an extra touch of comfort and viola, your kitchen is more functional and cozy!

Invest in Storage Shelves and Furniture

Extra storage opportunities are everywhere. Shelving units built into storage rooms or closets, storage benches, above-toilet cabinets, and wall-mounted towel display racks provide classy, yet inexpensive, storage options throughout your home.

In this day and age when abundance is available, it is easy to develop a cluttered home. Left unchecked, clutter can seep into our lives, affecting our ability to relax and feel comfortable. Decluttering gives you back control over your space and creates a welcoming environment. Who knew something so simple could have so much impact! Check out 8 Staging Hacks that Will Boost Your Home’s Coziness for more organizing inspiration.

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