8 Plants That Make Your Yard Smell Heavenly

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

A nice-smelling yard makes a cozier home, so picking your plants wisely is important. Choose flowers, flowering plants, herbs, or spruces to border the yard and provide that sweet, springtime smell. These plants provide beautiful aromas that will draw you in and make your yard into a sweet garden escape!

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A classic flower that has withstood the ages, roses provide a mild, sweet smell the second you step into your yard and give your outdoor escape pops of color. For the biggest impact on outdoor smell, place around the yard perimeter.


Rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, oh my! These wonderful-smelling herbs “spice” up your yard and your kitchen.


Looking for Christmas tree smell year round? Spruces provide great yard privacy and add a mild, sweet pine scent to the outdoors.


A low-maintenance, highly-flowering plant that comes back year after year, hydrangeas have a nice floral smell that will draw in bumble bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, giving you your very own nature reserve.


The distinct, sweet smell of honeysuckle can be smelled from far away and the beautiful off-white to red flowers spruce up the color of the yard. For some added fun, pull the green base of the flower to reveal sweet nectar; it can be eaten and tastes like candy!


Much like roses, lilies can add pops of color throughout the yard and provide a wonderful scent to your outdoor space. They are perennials, so wherever you plant them, they return year after year.

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It is not so much the tomatoes themselves as their stems that give off a magnificent smell that is noticeable across a yard. So plant a tomato patch; nothing makes a yard more fun that picking your food!

The most important thing when picking yard aromas is to utilize plants that mean something to you. If the smell of roses reminds you of the wonderful visits you had with a grandparent, add some roses. If Christmas is your favorite holiday, add some spruces. It is all about making your backyard a place that brings you happiness! Check out Make Your House a Home with These Smell-Enhancing Techniques to optimize scents inside as well.

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