8 Staging Hacks that Will Boost Your Home’s Coziness

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

If you have ever sold a home and used a stager, you have probably found yourself wondering why you went so long not optimizing a home’s potential. Building up the comfort and coziness of a home does not require perfect staging, although small organizational changes can transform the look and feel of a home and make it a place of relaxation rather than stress. Here are some tried and true tips for making your home its best while you still live in it!

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

If you do nothing else, keep a home free of unnecessary mess. Mess equals stress, and in a hygge home, the intent is to create an environment that allows you to relax and enjoy the space you have. If you have not used an item for 6 months or more, you probably will never use it. So twice a year, closely evaluate your belongings, keeping only is useful or sentimental. Check out 7 Painless Decluttering Habits for more easy-to-follow tips.

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Plants are nature’s perfect beautification tool. It does not matter whether the plants are faux or real (although real often enhances your home’s smell); both augment the appearance and comfort of a home. So add a vase with flowers to a table, counter top, shelves, window seal, or bathroom vanity. You will be amazed by how such a small touch can go such a long way.

Natural Light

Sunlight has the effect of making a home feel more calm and peaceful. Make it a habit to open the curtains and blinds each morning and to use storm doors on warmer days to optimize the effect.

Finish Projects

Unfinished projects make it difficult for anyone to relax. While home improvement projects are a fantastic way to make your home just the way you want it, stay on task with finishing your venture so you can enjoy, rather than grow to resent, your new space.

Smart Storage

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Donating extra items aside, nothing makes a home feel cleaner and more comfortable than good storage. To make the most of storage space, consider these little tricks…

  • Add shelves to storage room. Not only does this keep the floor clear, it makes it 10 times easier to find what you are looking for later.

  • Add baskets to shelving units. Baskets are a pretty accent and hide away smaller items.

  • Add closet shelves to store extra clothes, reducing need for all those hangers and an extra dresser.

  • Hang a wall mount towel display rack to display your beautiful towels and gain more closet space.

  • Install cabinets above the toilet as a fantastic way to utilize otherwise wasted storage space.

  • Use a storage bench in entryways and small areas for added storage and charm. Simply add a few pillows and overhead, wall-mount shelves with books for a cozy reading nook.

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Tapered Down Bookcases

As organizing as bookcases sound, shelves often become used for storage rather than display. Trimming down a book collection and adding classy décor (small stacks of coffee-table books interspersed with small plants, ceramic ware, and a few pictures) can transform a cluttered area into a room centerpiece.

Well-Maintained Yard

Looking out a window at tall weeds and overgrown flower beds is only a reminder of work to be done and makes cozying up so much harder. Set aside a few hours each Saturday to trim the lawn and spruce up flower beds for an impeccable view all week. As an added bonus, a little fresh air in the yard makes it that much nicer to go inside later and cozy up!


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A final touch that brings extra comfort is pillows. Spruce up a bed, chair, or sofa with decorative pillows, interspersing colors, sizes, and textures, to really make a room pop. Choose pillows that coordinate with the colors of the furniture and drapes for added harmony. Or add pillows to a storage bench to make it a comfy reading spot.

So many options exist for creating that perfect space, an area where you can truly relax and be cozy. Simple staging strategies like decluttering, thoughtfully placing art and furniture, adding plant décor, maintaining a yard, and adding pillows will transform your home into a place you will never want to leave! Hoping to make your outdoor space just as cozy as the inside? Take a look at 12 Savvy Tricks that Will Transform Your Yard into a Garden Escape.

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