5 Tasteful Tips for a Cozy Home

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

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The taste of a favorite pie or holiday drink is enough to bring instant comfort. Imagine what a warm beverage and homemade meal every day can do for the soul. These meal elements are sure to make your home feel ultra cozy…

Warm Beverages

Whether it is warm or cold outside, a warm beverage brings a sense of calm and pleasure to the moment. Breaking for coffee, hot chocolate, or tea 2-3 times a day is a staple of many cultures because it provides something to look forward to and forces one to stop and appreciate life.

Homemade Baked Goods

Making desserts from scratch provides a double whammy of coziness. Baking in of itself is relaxing, and enjoying homemade fresh cookies, coffee cake, pastries, or fruit tarts along with a warm beverage only amplifies the experience.

Holiday Specials

Did your family always have a special cookie or drink they made just around the holiday season? Bring it back out, no matter what time of year! There is nothing quite like a sentimental dish that brings back good memories.

Made-From-Scratch Meals

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In this busy day and age, many of us choose pre-made, microwavable meals over cooking, causing us to miss out on the coziness that homemade meals provide. Here are a few tricks for having an irresistible, made-from-scratch meal every singe day!

  • Spend an evening preparing (but not cooking) recipes. Freeze mixes until ready to cook.

  • Use a lull weekend to cook food for the next few days plus the next few weeks, freezing the surplus and reheating when desired.

  • Start a crockpot before work so the meal is done when you come home.

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One of the most overlooked elements of coziness involves something as simple as the dishware. Choose pieces that you find beautiful, evoke good memories, and give you pleasure to use.

Whether you prepare food for just yourself or a family, include one element that counts. This might mean adding in warm beverage breaks, including a homemade dish, or using meaningful plating. Whatever your choice, it is sure to improve your enjoyment of meals and bring you one step closer to a cozy home. Check out the RECIPES section and 6 Simple Tips for Adding Hygge to Your Home for more coziness-building inspiration.

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