Nothing quite makes a home cozy like the glow of candlelight. At the start of each new season, I inevitably find myself hunched over the stove, making a new batch of candle magic. The holiday season always includes cranberry and spruce-scented candles at a minimum, with cinnamon and pumpkin scents in the Fall, and vanilla, fresh laundry, and honeysuckle scents in the Spring and Summer. In my opinion, candle decor and hygge are almost synonymous.

I first started making my own candles around the age of 10, whenever I could escape the watchful eye of a parent. Over the years, my candle-making method evolved from melting candles drip by drip to creating candles properly using a double boiler. Homemade candles allow you to invent unique designs and scents that bring out your personality in your home. Below are a few basic candle recipes that you will love!