Hygge Bug

Hi, I'm Anita! I am a little...no extremely...obsessed with the Danish concept of hygge. Growing up in a Danish family, I learned early on the power of living a cozy life. Candlelit coffee breaks, back patio dinners, crafting, nature walks, and just really appreciating what life has to offer are innate in the Danish culture and contribute to the happy and content attitude Danes have, even through their dark, cold winters. I started Hygge Bug with the goal of teaching others how to craft, create cozy niches, make the most of outdoor space, minimize stress through organization, and easily cook aroma-packed foods in order to transform home into a relaxing retreat.


My grandmother, Minna, is my inspiration for creating this website. Her house, yard, and lifestyle were the epitome of comfort. Smells of coffee and homemade cookies greeted visitors when they walked into the home. Plants beautified window seals, candlelight glowed from the dinner table, and gorgeous roses, raspberries, and spruces filled the yard with unforgettable aromas. No matter the weather, her home was always a place of coziness and happiness.


Hygge does not require perfection. Despite struggling to keep a clean house between raising three small kids and balancing a career as a registered dietitian, I regularly receive compliments on the coziness of my home. Maybe it’s the smell of coffee or hot chocolate that I regularly make, sometimes just to enjoy the smell. Or the homemade paintings, blankets, pot holders, or place settings that give the home a personalized touch. More likely, it is that every room displays items that are meaningful to me, that tell a story, and are an important part of who I am. My home is welcoming, a safe haven for friends and family, and that is what hygge is all about.


This website is designed to teach simple, practical, and meaningful ways to create a cozier life. I believe that there is a better way of living and that is through hygge. My hope is that my hygge "bug" inspires you to improve your home and allows you to live life to the fullest!